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Chas Hunt & Co (Cardiff) Ltd

26 - May - 2015

Fourth generation printing experts serving companies throughout South Wales.


Chas Hunt & Co (Cardiff) Ltd

Welcome to our website

From Government departments through charities, major insurance companies, and local small businesses, to print brokers, design agencies and cutting edge artists, we utilise our years of expertise in printing to produce just what the customer requires..

Traditional Values...Quality Printing...Customer Satisfaction

Traditional values and comprehensive skills using the latest technology ensure quality print work at competitive prices for customer satisfaction.


  • We promise comprehensive skill based on years of experience
  • We promise complete understanding of your needs and our total cooperation
  • We promise full satisfaction


  • We guarantee competitive process and services
  • We guarantee efficiency and quality
  • We guarantee completion to schedule


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  • Colour Printing in Cardiff
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  • Colour Printing in Newport
  • Printing Services in Bridgend
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